Tips to Overcome Fear of Rehab and Recovery

Our Delray detox methods are simple, safe and effective – but that doesn’t stop many people from hesitating to enter our drug detox program out of fear.

It’s perfectly normal to fear getting addiction treatment. Not only do many addicts fear the physical and psychological pain of drug withdrawals, but they also worry being judged when others find out about their addiction, losing relationships and friendships, letting people down if they fail or losing their jobs. It’s not uncommon for addicts to simply fear the change that comes with entering drug treatment. After all, many of us fear change, and addicts are no exception.

Addicts Are Ambivalent About Recovery

If you’ve never experienced addiction yourself, it would probably surprise you to know that many addicts are ambivalent about recovery. They want to get clean, but at the same time, they want to remain addicted. Many addicts struggle with opposing impulses – on the one hand, they want to get sober, but on the other, they want to keep using. They waver back and forth, often postponing a decision for years.

Don’t Well on Your Fears Regarding Treatment and Delray Detox Methods

Often, addicts put off entering our Delray detox methods program because they over-think entering treatment. Here are some thoughts that make addicts drag their heels when it comes to seeking treatment:

  • Withdrawal will be really intense and uncomfortable; I can’t handle it.
  • I’ll be all alone in there.
  • I won’t be myself anymore without my drugs.
  • I’ll have to talk about all the bad things that have happened to me or all the horrible things I’ve done.
  • My mental health issues won’t be addressed; I won’t’ be allowed to take my psychiatric medication.
  • I’ll have to deal with my feelings again. I can’t handle that.
  • I’ll lose all my friends and my romantic partner.
  • I’ll be overwhelmed by guilt.
  • I won’t know what to do with myself if I’m not taking drugs.
  • I can’t stop taking drugs. I don’t have the willpower.

If fears like these are overwhelming you enough to keep you from taking advantage of our Delray detox methods, it’s best to put them out of your mind. Don’t think too much about what it means to check into drug rehab. Just do it.

Overcoming Your Treatment Fears

Whatever your fears about our Delray detox methods may be, you can turn them around and make each one of them into reasons you should enter drug detox, instead of reasons not to. Are you afraid of the physical and psychological discomfort of withdrawal? Remember that it’s only temporary. When it comes to drug withdrawals, it’s often the knowledge that you can stop your discomfort simply by using your drug of choice that makes the symptoms so hard to bear.

You can ease fears about treatment by calling us with your questions about our Delray detox methods. Some questions other addicts have asked include:

  • Will I be given medication to ease withdrawal symptoms?
  • Will I be able to bring personal possessions from home?
  • Will I be under medical supervision during my stay?
  • Will there be books, television, games or other ways to distract myself?
  • Will I have time to socialize with the other patients?

The more you understand about our Delray detox methods, the less frightening they will be. For example, would you feel more comfortable about entering treatment if you knew that you would be under close medical supervision and given medication to ease the worst of your withdrawal symptoms? How about if you knew that you would still be allowed to continue taking any prescribed psychiatric medication?

What if you knew that other people in the program would be friendly, open and supportive, and that you’d be surrounded by a caring staff? Would you feel better about confronting your demons if you knew that no one would be forcing you to discuss anything you didn’t want to talk about, and that you’d have access to skilled counselors to help you cope with past traumas and difficult feelings? For most addicts facing the prospect of drug detox, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

So, if you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction, there’s no reason to delay seeking treatment any longer.

Call us today at 1-888-415-0708 to learn about our Delray detox methods and how they can help you.

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