Florida Rapid Detox Specialists Discuss Unhealthy Guilt

It’s normal for an addict to struggle with feelings of guilt in early recovery, and even later on. The folks who find their way into our Florida rapid detox clinic are often addicts at the end of their ropes, people who have lost jobs, driven away friends and loved ones, put their families into bankruptcy, and repeatedly hurt those closest to them with lies and bad behavior. Once addicts break free from the cycle of addiction and gain the perspective that comes with sobriety, guilt can be overwhelming.

Guilt Isn’t Always Healthy

When you feel as if you’ve fallen short of your expectations for yourself, your principles or your morals, you feel guilty. When addiction has caused you to lie, endanger your loved ones, commit crimes or do things you’re ashamed of, some degree of guilt is natural and healthy. When you experience guilt after entering our Florida rapid detox program, it’s a sign that you’re beginning to recover from addiction and that you’re a normal person with empathy for others.

However, not all guilt is healthy or useful. Healthy guilt fosters empathy. It motivates you to make positive changes in your life. Healthy guilt is what helps people in addiction treatment gain an understanding of how their actions affect those around them. You can use your guilt to make amends for the harm you’ve caused others as a result of your addiction, hold yourself accountable in the future and avoid making the same old mistakes.

Unhealthy guilt causes you to withdraw from friends and loved ones, shoulder the responsibility for things over which you’ve had no control, and punish yourself indefinitely for no reason. Unhealthy guilt leads to insomnia, depression, emotional problems and even physical illness. Unhealthy guilt makes you believe you’re a bad person and that you don’t deserve to be happy. It can hamper your ability to make good decisions, make you prioritize other people’s needs before your own, and cause negative, irrational beliefs and thoughts. No matter how well you do in our Florida rapid detox program, unhealthy guilt can hold you back and raise your risk of relapse.

In extreme cases, unhealthy guilt in the early days of recovery can cause self-harming behavior or suicidal thoughts and actions. When you are just out of our Florida rapid detox program, it can be difficult to deal with powerful feelings of guilt. Addicts who have just completed a drug detox program and are still going through addiction treatment do not yet have the coping skills to manage powerful feelings of guilt. Indeed, they often struggle to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy guilt.

Florida Rapid Detox And Putting Your Guilt to Good Use

As you’ll learn from the counselors in our Florida rapid detox program, recovery must be navigated one day at a time. You can’t move on by living in the past, mired in your guilt. But your guilt can give you the momentum you need to move forward.

We strongly encourage every person who participates in our Florida rapid detox program to enter the 12-step program. Not only does this program provide a strong social support network at your time of greatest emotional need, but it can also help you learn what you are and are not responsible for, and what is and is not in your control. Through 12-step meetings, you can learn to make amends for the past, accept it and move on.

A support social network made up of family, friends and peers, a therapist and a sponsor can help guide you towards forgiveness rather than judgment. It’s important at this time that you learn to ask for help when you need it.

Confidence-building exercises, including adventure therapy, experiential therapy and sober activities, can help you let go of your unhealthy feelings of guilt. As you progress in recovery, work on accepting that everyone makes mistakes. Learn to stay focused on the present – even when it is unpleasant – rather than living in the past. If you continue to feel guilty as you progress through recovery, use that guilt to be of service to others through sponsorship and volunteer work.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, you’re not alone. Recovery is possible with help from our Florida rapid detox.

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