Florida Rapid Detox Is Saving Lives in the Midst of a National Heroin Epidemic

The need for addiction treatment programs in Florida is skyrocketing as the heroin epidemic that claimed the lives of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cory Monteith continues to rage around the country. Heroin, which was once the province of hard-core drug users, is now popping up in expected places. Officials are alarmed at the spread of heroin use among new demographics and in new places – like rural Vermont and small town America. The latest data suggests that heroin deaths will only keep increasing over the next few years – treatment options like our Florida rapid detox program are gearing up to save lives.

Heroin Epidemic Linked to Prescription Painkillers

We started our detox program in response to the prescription painkiller addiction epidemic that began sweeping the nation over ten years ago. Prescription painkillers like Oxycontin and Vicodin are opiate drugs. They affect the brain in the same way as heroin, causing the same feelings of euphoria, and the same agonizing withdrawals. Our Florida rapid detox program was a way for people struggling with prescription painkiller addiction to break free without going through full opiate withdrawals, which can drag on for days or weeks.

What kinds of people did we help in our Florida rapid detox program? Well, the sorts of people who found themselves in need of detox weren’t your stereotypical opiate addicts. The majority of the people we’ve helped in our detox program have been ordinary people – soccer moms, loving fathers, men and women with advanced degrees and careers. Many of them started taking prescription painkillers after suffering an injury, having surgery, or developing a chronic pain problem. Before they knew it, they were addicts seeking the help of our treatment specialists.

Many of the prescription painkiller addicts we’ve helped in our detox program have been young people – high school and college students who first tried prescription painkillers at a party or used them for pain problems at the recommendation of a doctor or parent. These young people assumed that the drugs were safe because they were from a doctor – they never expected to find themselves in a drug treatment center.

By the time lawmakers became aware of the problem and cracked down on pill mills, our Florida rapid detox program had already helped thousands get clean. But there were so many more who still needed a treatment program to address their additiction. Those people didn’t just give up opiates on their own. They turned to another opiate drug that’s now cheap and plentiful on the streets – heroin.

Today’s Heroin Addict Flies Under the Radar

When you think of a person who needs detox treatment for heroin addiction, you probably think of a strung-out, skinny addict who lives on the streets and does unspeakable things for drugs. These days; however, many heroin addicts are keeping their addiction well-hidden behind the disguise of a successful professional and personal life. Many of the heroin addicts we help in our detox program are people you’d never expect to be doing heroin.

Why Rapid Detox?

These days opiate addicts hold down jobs and have families and responsibilities. Due to the stigma of heroin addiction and the illegal nature of the drug, these people fear, perhaps rightly so, what would happen if they took time off from work in order to spend a lengthy stint in a rehab center for heroin addiction. Florida rapid detox is the solution.

Our rapid detox program allows addicts to detox from heroin in a weekend, so they can go back to work on Monday morning with the worst of heroin withdrawals behind them. When you enter our Florida rapid detox program, you’ll be put under general anesthetic and injected with naloxone, a drug that kick-starts heroin withdrawals. By the time you wake up from your detox procedure, the worst of your heroin withdrawals will be behind you. The entire rapid detox procedure takes just a few hours – that certainly beats the several days of full heroin withdrawals you’d have otherwise!

If you or someone you love is struggling with heroin addiction, our Florida rapid detox program can help. Call us today at 888-415-0708 to speak with our knowledgeable and caring staff.

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