Delray Beach Psychiatrists Help You Address the Underlying Causes of Your Addiction

The Delray Therapeutic Model puts you in touch with Delray Beach psychiatrists who can help you with your addiction and its unseen causes. Often, psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety and eating disorders contribute to addiction. Substance use, abuse and eventually addiction often appear alongside depression, anxiety and eating disorders as a means of coping and self-medication.

It’s dangerous and ineffective to overlook your underlying psychiatric conditions when addressing your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our Delray Beach psychiatrists focus on helping you overcome your addiction and cope with any depression, anxiety or disordered eating that may be contributing to your problem. Many drug and alcohol addiction therapy programs don’t address psychiatric symptoms that may have contributed to your addiction all along. At the Delray Model, we understand that using therapy to address your psychiatric concerns is an important, even vital, part of the recovery process.
Depression is one of the most common psychiatric illnesses and a huge contributor to addiction. If you’re depressed, you might start using drugs or alcohol for the feelings of happiness they seem to bring. When you’re suffering from depression, you’re at an increased risk for addiction if you seek to relieve your symptoms with addictive substances. The Delray model will treat your addiction and address your depression with the expertise of Delray Beach psychiatrists and antidepressants. Delray Beach psychiatrists begin your treatment with an evaluation to determine if you’re depressed and assess the severity of your symptoms.

Anxiety is another common mental illness that’s often found to contribute to addiction. Unhealthy levels of anxiety are a huge catalyst for substance abuse, addiction and relapse, because for many people, anxiety is too uncomfortable to be borne. Our Delray Beach psychiatrists will combine effective anxiety treatment with addiction treatment for your best possible outcome.

Eating disorders in men and women are associated with body image issues. Addiction to substances that cause weight loss is common. Our special Delray Beach psychiatrists offer programs for eating-disordered addicts led by specialists in disordered eating. Our therapists and Delray Beach psychiatrists will help you deal with the body image issues that may emerge once you stop using substances to control your weight.

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