A Mental Health Crisis Grips America – Our Delray Beach Psychiatrists Can Help

Perhaps the worst mistake a suffering person can make is to internalize his or her pain, hiding it from the world –family, friends, even his or herself. While great social strides are being made in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues, particularly here in Florida, with the emergence of mental health initiatives like Project LAUNCH. Initiatives like these, in tandem with our own Delray Beach psychiatrists practice, promote mental well-being and help meet the need for mental health services in Delray Beach.

Personal Answers, Personal Guidance By Our Delray Beach Psychiatrists

If you need help, seek it. While physical infirmity or illness is plain to see, emotional or mental difficulties lie beneath the surface and can remain undetected for months or years. Our Delray Beach psychiatrists combine kindness and empathy with a deep understanding of complex personal problems.

Top-Notch Psychiatric Care in South Florida

Locals struggling with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction or other mental health symptoms would do well to seek the services of our Delray Beach psychiatrists. But our mental health services aren’t limited to locals. People come to Delray Beach from all over the nation and the world to seek a haven for addiction and mental illness recovery. Regain your mental health in sunny South Florida with help from our mental health care provider in Delray Beach.

Depression and anxiety rank amongst the most common ailments afflicting Americans today. According to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America anxiety disorders are the most common illness Americans face in 2014, with 18 percent of the population affected. Anxiety disorders cost the federal coffers more than $42 billion each year. That’s the price of lost productivity and anxiety-related substance abuse.

Our Delray Beach psychiatrists see these statistics borne out right here in our own community. Anxiety and depression are commonplace in the modern world, which is plagued with violence and uncertainty and awash in drugs and alcohol.

Do You Really Need Help from A Delray Beach Psychiatrists?

If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety or addiction, trying to beat your problems on your own is dangerous. But you don’t have to do it alone. Asking for help is scary, but it’s the most important first step toward getting the care you need.

Why don’t people ask for help? There are a number of reasons.


  • Stigma. Despite ongoing efforts to destigmatize mental health issues, plenty of people who struggle with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorder, addiction and other mental health issues out of shame or embarrassment.
  • Uncertainty. Many people just aren’t sure whether their symptoms warrant getting therapy. They don’t realize that they don’t need to wait until their symptoms become severe to see our Delray Beach psychiatrists. Or maybe they just don’t know where to turn for help.
  • Lack of resources. Time, money and energy are all resources that some people just don’t have. If you can’t afford therapy, or don’t have the time to fit in an appointment, or the energy to get out of bed and dressed, our mental health services in Delray Beach won’t do you much good.
  • Well-meaning loved ones. Your friends and family might mean well when they reassure you that your mental health symptoms are a just a phase and that they will pass. But they, too, lack a proper understanding of the realities of mental illness.

Research shows that treatment can bring remarkable improvement in mental health symptoms even for people suffering from severe mental illness. But if you don’t seek help, you’re putting yourself at risk. Many of the people who end up seeking the services of our Delray Beach psychiatrists have self-medicated with drugs and alcohol so thoroughly that they’re now struggling with a raging addiction on top of the original problem.

While support networks are the most important part of any recovery from addiction, mental health issues or eating disorders, there’s no substitute for a credentialed psychiatrist. Expertise is so crucial when it comes to the delicate and complex human consciousness.

When you’re struggling, you need to know that there are so many people and resources at your disposal to help. It can take a great deal more courage to pick up the phone and make that first call for help than to simply ignore the problem and wait for it to go away on its own. But addiction and mental illness aren’t problems that will eventually solve themselves.

To get the help of highly qualified Delray Beach psychiatrists and mental health specialists, call 888-415-0708 today.

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