How Do Dr. Raul Rodriguez’s Detox Methods for Opiates Work?

Dr. Raul Rodriguez is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who treats eating disorders, anxiety and depression as well as addiction. Dr. Raul Rodriguez’s detox methods can help you get off of opiates while still going to school, working, and taking care of your family.

What Are Dr. Raul Rodriguez’s Detox Methods?

Dr. Raul Rodriguez’s detox methods combine Suboxone or Subutex maintenance therapy with a range of other evidence-based psychotherapies and alternative therapies for the treatment of addiction, including dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), yoga, acupuncture, massage, fitness and nutrition therapy, and a range of other therapies designed to provide holistic addiction treatment.

Suboxone and Subutex use buprenorphine, an opiate maintenance drug designed to help recovering addicts cope with withdrawal symptoms and wean themselves off opiate drugs. It is important that you seek this treatment from a licensed physician who has experience administering it. Detox may be ineffective if pursued without the supervision of a licensed, trained physician.

How Long Do Dr. Raul Rodriguez’s Detox Methods Take?

Dr. Rodriguez tailors each detox program to meet the needs of each individual patient. You can opt for rapid detox or regular detox. Rapid detox takes a few hours, regular detox takes a week or longer.

Dr. Raul Rodriguez’s detox methods have also been adapted to meet the needs of alcoholics, benzodiazepine addicts, and cocaine addicts. A detox can last as long as two weeks, depending on your unique needs and physical condition. Dr. Raul Rodriguez’s detox methods allow the pace of a drug detox to be altered on a day to day basis, changing the pace of the detox to meet the patient’s needs – if you have somewhere to be or something to do on a specific day of your detox, Dr. Rodriguez can adjust your treatment plan so that your detox doesn’t interfere. Dr. Rodriguez strives to minimize the cost of these additional days of treatment for his patients.

You don’t have to live your life as an addict anymore. Call 1-888-415-0708 to learn more about Dr. Raul Rodriguez’s detox methods.

3 Things You Should Know About Delray Beach Detox Methods

Before you can enter an inpatient or outpatient rehab, you need to stop abusing substances and clear your system. Our Delray Beach detox methods can help you detox from opiates and any other drugs or substances so that you can begin addiction treatment. Read on to find out what you should know.

Delray Beach Detox Methods Are Fast

Our Delray Beach detox methods allow you a choice of rapid or regular detox. Rapid detox takes just a few hours; for this procedure, you’ll be put under general anesthesia and given naloxone to induce opiate withdrawals. By the time you awaken, the worst of your withdrawal symptoms will be past. The regular detox takes five to 14 days depending on your unique situation and health needs.

Delray Beach Detox Methods Can Be Personalized

Our Delray Beach detox methods allow you to tailor your detox experience to meet your unique needs. Our physicians can help you detox faster or slow, depending on your preferences and the level of functioning you require during your detox period.

Drug detox shouldn’t be administered in a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all fashion because every person is unique, and so are their substance abuse habits. You need treatment that takes into account your personal history with addiction, the severity of your substance abuse disorder, and the level of physical dependence you’ve achieved. Our Delray Beach detox methods provide the safest detox experience for you, with medical supervision in case something goes wrong.

Delray Beach Detox Methods Include Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

Detoxing from drugs in and of itself isn’t enough to keep you sober in the long term. You also need comprehensive addiction treatment. Our Delray Beach detox methods off intensive addiction treatment that includes cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, group therapy, nutrition counseling, fitness therapy, acupuncture, yoga, massage and more.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance abuse disorder, the time to get help is now. Call 1-888-415-0708 to talk to our counselors about your situation.

3 Reasons Why Rapid Drug Detox Helps Opiate Addicts

If fear of opiate withdrawals is keeping you from getting treatment for your opiate addiction, rapid drug detox might be for you. With rapid drug detox, you enter physician-assisted withdrawal while under general anesthesia. Naltrexone, an opioid receptor antagonist, will be administered to clear any opiates from your system and kick your body into withdrawal. When you are brought out of anesthesia, your withdrawal will be over and you will be able to proceed with further addiction therapy, including counseling.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should try rapid drug detox for opiate addiction.

Rapid Drug Detox Is Fast

Just as the name would suggest, rapid drug detox is fast. Why suffer through days of opiate withdrawals when you could condense your withdrawal symptoms into just a few hours? You may feel tired and groggy after your rapid opiate detox, and you may need a long sleep, but this is nothing compared to the pain of full-blown withdrawals.

Rapid Drug Detox Is Safe

Aside from the risks associated with going under general anesthesia, rapid drug detox is safe. In fact, you could even say it’s safer than detoxing the old fashioned way, at home, with opiate maintenance drugs, because you’re under medical supervision for the duration of your detox treatment.

Rapid Drug Detox Is Effective

A study published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse in May 2005 found that rapid opiate detox was able to significantly reduce withdrawal symptoms compared with traditional detox methods. The American Society of Addiction Medicine found that rapid opiate detox is appropriate and effective for people who want to avoid the pain and discomfort of opiate withdrawals in order to seek treatment for their addiction.

Opiate addiction doesn’t have to rule your life forever. At The Delray Model, we can help. Call us today at 1-888-415-0708 to learn more.

Outpatient Drug Therapy: Treatment That Fits Your Lifestyle

If you’re struggling with drug addiction but can’t or don’t want to go away to inpatient rehab, there’s another option. Outpatient drug therapy lets you seek treatment for your drug addiction without leaving home or disrupting your career or studies.

How Does Outpatient Drug Therapy Work?

With outpatient drug therapy, you seek treatment three or more times a week at an outpatient facility. This treatment usually consists of a few hours of group and individual therapy sessions, family therapy, life skills training and relapse prevention – many of the same sorts of therapy that you’d receive at an inpatient facility.

The difference is that with outpatient drug therapy, you can schedule your treatments around your other obligations. That means you can still go to work, spend time with your family, attend classes, and maintain your autonomy, independence and freedom of movement. It also means that you don’t have to explain an absence of several weeks or months to family and friends – so outpatient drug therapy protects your privacy, too.

Can Outpatient Drug Therapy Work for You?

In order to make outpatient drug therapy work for you, you need to be determined to succeed in your recovery. You won’t have the same kind of structure and supervision that you would if you attended an inpatient program, so you need to have the wherewithal to resist substances on your own. You’ll also need to be able to maintain your own routines and take care of yourself properly with diet, exercise and adequate sleep. You should have social and family support for your recovery.

Because it requires you to have some willpower and a support structure in place for your recovery, outpatient drug treatment isn’t for everyone. If you’ve been to rehab before, or someone in your home is also an addict, or you don’t have a stable living situation, you might want to consider going to inpatient therapy instead.

Do you think outpatient drug treatment might be right for you? Call us today at 1-888-415-0708 to start your outpatient drug therapy.