DEA Skeptical That Flesh-Eating Drug Krokodil Is in U.S., News Article Says

In spite of reports that emerged last month that the flesh-eating drug krokodil is being used in the U.S., federal law enforcement officials remain skeptical, says a recent news article3 by Fox News.

Krokodil is an incredibly toxic drug made with codeine, butane, gasoline and industrial chemicals. It is injected as a substitute for heroin. It causes severe tissue damage, leaving skin green and scaly in appearance and causing festering sores, blood poisoning, gangrene, and destruction of the jawbones and teeth.

A drug treatment specialist in Joliet, Ill. has come forward to say that he has personally treated four krokodil users, the news article said.

DEA spokeswoman Dawn Dearden told Fox News that the DEA has seen no evidence of the drug’s appearance in the United States. The DEA is not investigating any reports of krokodil’s use in America, according to the Fox news article.

Three patients were treated for krokodil use in early October at the Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, according to the hospital’s director of addiction services, Dr. Abhin Singla. The news article quoted Dr. Singla as saying, “If you want to kill yourself, this is the way to do it.”

A fourth potential krokodil user has been identified at Dr. Singla’s hospital, the news article said. The original three patients were local women, younger than 25, who suffered severe gangrene of the legs from using the drug. None would tell officials where they obtained the drug.

The drug, three times stronger than heroin and just one-third the cost, loses its effect after just a few hours. Invented in 1932, the drug’s effects are similar to heroin, and it is used as a heroin substitute in parts of Germany and Russia where heroin is hard to find. In spite of attempts by Russian government to curb the spread of the drug, it can now be found throughout Europe, the Fox news article reported.

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Delray Beach Psychiatry for Addiction Can Free You of Chemical Dependency

Are you struggling with chemical dependency issues? Delray Beach psychiatry for addiction treatment can help. We use the latest in evidence-based psychiatric treatments to combat substance abuse and heal addiction.

Delray Beach psychiatry for addiction uses a combination of psychiatric drugs and psychotherapy treatments to help patients overcome chemical dependency. Medication is useful both for treating concurrent mental illness symptoms and for helping addicts detox from alcohol, opiates and other substances.

Delray Beach Psychiatry for Dual Diagnosis

It’s common for people with substance abuse issues to have concurrent mental health conditions. When you are already at risk for a mental illness, heavy substance abuse can be the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, and contribute to the emergence of mental illness symptoms. If you already have mental illness symptoms, substance abuse can make them worse.

Many people who suffer from undertreated or undiagnosed mental illnesses use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate and cope. This too often leads to addiction and exacerbation of the mental illness.

Without treatment for both your mental illness and your addiction, you can recover from neither. Our Delray Beach psychiatry program can give you the dual diagnosis treatment you need to make the recovery you deserve.

Don’t worry about taking psychiatric drugs for your mental illness treatment. Taking medicine for a health condition is not the same as abusing substances. It should not hinder your addiction recovery.

Delray Beach Psychiatry for Addiction

When you enter our Delray Beach psychiatry for addiction program, you may receive psychiatric or maintenance drugs to help ease your withdrawal symptoms or treat the medical complications that arise during withdrawal. These drugs serve a purpose – they help wean you off of your substance of choice without putting you in medical danger and without forcing you to suffer through the pain of full withdrawals. You will also receive psychotherapy to get at the roots of your addiction issues and help you resolve them.

If you’re ready to heal from addiction, our Delray Beach psychiatry program can help. Call us today at 1-888-415-0708 to learn more.

What Are the Best Methods for Eating Disorder Treatment?

Eating disorder treatment typically involves a combination of psychiatric and medical care. Depending on the severity of your eating disorder, treatment may involve hospitalization to stabilize your condition and return you to a healthy weight. Further eating disorder treatment may include a combination of different types of counseling, nutritional education and medication.

Counseling for Eating Disorder Treatment

There are four main types of counseling used for eating disorder treatment. They are:

  • Interpersonal psychology
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Group cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy

In interpersonal psychology for eating disorder treatment, you’ll work one-on-one with a psychologist to resolve the interpersonal problems that contribute to your disordered eating. If you have been diagnosed with depression as well as an eating disorder, this is an excellent treatment for both.

Cognitive behavioral therapy – and group cognitive behavioral therapy – involves identifying, discussing, and eventually discarding the thought patterns behind your disordered eating behaviors. You will learn to replace unhealthy thoughts with healthy ones that lead to healthy eating behaviors.

Family-based therapy will involve your whole family and will place much of the responsibility for changing your eating habits on your parents. This is an excellent treatment for adolescents who are still living at home.

Medications for Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders are often accompanied by feelings of anxiety or depression. Disordered eating can be a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder. You may be prescribed antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs if you’ve been diagnosed with a concurrent mental disorder.

Nutritional Therapy for Eating Disorder Treatment

People with eating disorders typically don’t understand the principles of nutrition or the importance of eating well. Nutritional therapy will seek to educate you about nutrition, how the food you eat or don’t eat affects your body, how to plan meals and stick to regular meal times, and how to avoid restrictive dieting.

Eating disorders are the most deadly of all mental illnesses. If you or someone you know is struggling with disordered eating, don’t wait until it’s too late. Get help today. Call 1-888-415-0708 to learn more.

Panic Attacks Overwhelming? Delray Beach Anxiety Treatment Program Can Help

Do you suffer from panic attacks? Panic attacks can occur in the presence of another anxiety disorder or depression, or they can occur by themselves. You can have just one panic attack or several. Often, panic attacks occur without warning, for no discernible reason.

Without treatment, panic attacks can lead to panic disorder and other anxiety problems. Our Delray Beach anxiety treatment program can help you move beyond panic attacks to live a normal life.

Causes of Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can occur as a result of stressful life events, especially major changes like moving, having a baby, getting a new job, or graduating from school. Medical conditions can also cause panic attacks. These can include low blood sugar, hyperthyroidism, and minor heart problems. When you enter our Delray Beach anxiety treatment program, we’ll examine you mentally and physically so we can understand that true cause of your anxiety.

Delray Beach Anxiety Treatment Program Methods

As part of our Delray Beach anxiety treatment program, you’ll undergo a holistic regimen that addresses the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual components of your anxiety problems. Therapeutic methods we use in our Delray Beach anxiety treatment program include cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. CBT is widely considered to be one of the most effective therapies for anxiety treatment.

Your Delray Beach anxiety treatment program may also include exposure therapy. Exposure therapy requires emulating the physical sensations associated with your panic attacks in a safe environment, where you can learn ways of coping that will help you endure future panic attacks and, if necessary, learn to let go of your fear of having a panic attack.

If you’re suffering from panic attacks or panic disorder, we can help. Call 1-888-415-0708 now.

5 Drug-Free Depression Treatment Methods

Antidepressant drugs can be very effective in treating depression, but they aren’t the only depression treatment methods out there. A multi-pronged approach to depression treatment is typically far more successful than simply taking drugs. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective depression treatment methods that don’t involve using antidepressant drugs.


Exercise is one of the most well-known drug-free depression treatment methods, because it’s very effective for both short and long-term relief of depression symptoms. Aerobic exercise causes a rush of endorphins that creates what’s know as a “runner’s high” that can cause a temporary mood boost. Regular exercise over time can boost levels of serotonin and norephinephrine in the brain, leading to long-term relief of depression.


When you’re feeling depressed, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that good things never happen and you never feel happy. Experts recommend keeping a “mood journal” in which you write down positive experiences and periods of happiness. You don’t need to do it every day; once a week is often enough. This can be one of the most effective depression treatment methods, because it helps you maintain some perspective in the face of debilitating sadness.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a therapy based on the idea that your thoughts influence your moods. Through CBT, you’ll learn which thoughts are responsible for your depressed feelings, and how to change those thoughts so you can feel better. As depression treatment methods go, this therapy is very effective, and usually takes no more than 20 sessions.


Research into the effectiveness of meditation for depression treatment is promising. Meditation is often most effective when combined with other depression treatment methods. Developing a regular meditation practice can help prevent depression relapse.


Yoga is kind of like exercise and meditation combined. It can help you cope with stress and anxiety, release hostility, and sleep better.

If you’re struggling with depression, we can help. Call us today at 1-888-415-0708 to learn more about depression treatment methods that can work for you.


Top 3 Benefits of Our Delray Beach Detox for Drugs and Alcohol

Our Delray Beach detox program for drug and alcohol treatment can get you started on the road to a happy, sober life. You may be wondering, “Is it really necessary for me to check into a Delray Beach detox clinic? Can’t I just detox at home?” Let’s take a look at three reasons why a Delray Beach detox clinic like ours can be your best choice for a successful recovery.


When you check into our Delray Beach detox clinic, you know you’ll be safe throughout your drug or alcohol detox. This is especially important with an alcohol detox, since quitting drinking cold turkey can cause medical problems if you’ve been in the habit of drinking heavily every day. You could even die.

Even if there’s little risk of medical problems occurring during your detox from drugs, you still need supervision. Detox can be accompanied by mood swings, and you could become violent or suicidal. At the very least, you run the risk of losing your resolve and using again to relieve your withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction Counseling

The first days of your recovery from addiction can make or break your entire recovery effort. When you enter our Delray Beach detox, you have access to addiction counselors who can help ensure that your recovery lasts into the long term.

Besides, if you’ve truly been in the grips of an addiction, you can’t just quit cold turkey and expect everything to be alright. You need professional help to dig into the reasons behind your substance abuse issues, and help you heal your life and the lives of those around you.


Addiction is all but impossible to beat alone, but the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. When you enter our Delray Beach detox clinic, you’ll be in the company of others who want to see you succeed, and will be able to help you do so.

Don’t risk losing your battle with addiction. Call us today at 1-888-415-0708 to find out how we can help you overcome addiction.


Scientists May Soon Be Able to Erase Unwanted Memories, Study Finds

A news article recently released by The Scripps Research Institute discusses the results of a new study, in which scientists at the Florida campus were able to erase drug-associated memories from the minds of rats and mice. The erasure of negative, drug-associated memories did not affect harmless or helpful memories, the news article said.

People recovering from chemical dependency typically struggle with unwanted memories of trauma or drug associations linked to people, places, and things – even a seemingly harmless activity, like chewing a piece of gum, can cause a recovering addict to experience strong cravings, the news article said.

Being able to remove unwanted memories and drug associations from the brain of a recovering addict could go a long way towards preventing relapse.

Researchers participating in the study were able to remove drug associations from the brains of rodents by blocking a molecular reaction that occurs in the maintenance of memories related to methamphetamine use in the animals, the news article said.

The animals immediately lost memories associated with their use of and addiction to methamphetamine. The memories did not return and no other memories were affected.

In order to perform this experiment, the news article said, researchers first had to cause the rodents to form drug associations linking the effects of methamphetamine use to tactile, visual or olfactory stimuli. After being injected with an inhibitor several days later, the rodents no longer responded to the previously created drug-association cues, the news article said.

The scientists tested the rodent’s response to food-associated cues to determine that their other memories remained unaffected, according to the news article. They are still trying to determine what makes these memories so easily erased and whether memory erasure could be useful in treating human addiction and other memory-related disorders, like PTSD.

Though the possibility of erasing harmful memories and drug-associations remains in the future, modern addiction treatments are very effective. If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, call us today at 1-888-415-0708 to get help.


Cognitive Depression Therapy in Delray Beach

If you or someone you love is struggling with depression in the Palm Beach County area, our program for depression therapy in Delray Beach can help. Contrary to popular belief, depression is a very treatable condition. Cognitive therapy in Delray Beach can help you learn to identify, challenge and dispel the bleak thoughts that cause your feelings of depression. Depression treatment with cognitive therapy in Delray Beach is at least as effective as antidepressants for mild to moderate depression.

How Cognitive Therapy for Depression Works

Cognitive therapy for depression was developed in the 1960s and works on the theory depression occurs as the result of constant, negative thoughts that occur more or less automatically – they’re referred to as “automatic thoughts.” Thoughts like “I’m no good at anything,” “I’m a terrible parent,” or “I will always be unhappy” occur without any effort on the depressed person’s part, and serve to fuel the depression.

Our program for cognitive depression therapy in Delray Beach will help you, over time, learn to recognize these automatic thoughts. During your depression therapy in Delray Beach, you’ll learn to replace these thoughts with more realistic ones. As you begin to learn to think realistically about yourself and your situation, you’ll begin to feel better.

Unpacking Your Problems

Cognitive depression therapy recognizes that your problems have multiple parts. These include your perspective on the problem; your thoughts, emotions and physical feelings about it; and your actions before, during and following the occurrence of the problem. Cognitive depression therapy in Delray Beach will help you learn to take apart your problems, so that they will seem more manageable.

Long-Lasting Symptom Relief

For long-lasting relief of your depression symptoms, cognitive therapy for depression is the way to go. It can help you begin to feel better mentally and physically in a matter of weeks. It can teach you the emotional skills you need to prevent relapse, and it can reduce residual symptoms that may continue even when other depression treatments have been deemed “successful.”

If you’re suffering from depression, therapy in Delray Beach can help. Call us today at 1-888-415-0708 to learn more.


What Are the Odds of Dying from Alcohol Withdrawal?

Programs like our Delray Beach alcohol detox program exist because alcohol withdrawals present a real medical danger. While not all alcoholic experience withdrawals when they go through detox, those who do run the risk of DTs and seizures which could be fatal. Knowing your odds of experiencing dangerous alcohol withdrawal symptoms when you quit drinking could help you decide whether our Delray Beach alcohol detox program is necessary.

Heavy Drinkers at Higher Risk of Alcohol Withdrawal

Obviously, people who drink heavily are at a higher risk of dangerous alcohol withdrawal. Light and occasional drinkers are not likely to experience even minor withdrawals.

Heavy drinking is defined as drinking five or more drinks in one day. If you do this every day for longer than three days, you run a risk of alcohol withdrawals. The risk goes up the more drinks you have each day and the more days in a row you drink.

Chance of Death from Alcohol Withdrawal

A heavy drinker who attempts to detox alone can definitely die from it. Five percent of alcoholics who develop DTs during withdrawal die from the condition. Not all alcoholics develop DTs when they quit drinking, however. About five percent of heavy drinkers who quit have DTs.

Some late stage alcoholics who enter programs like our Delray Beach alcohol detox develop a neurological condition called Wernicke’s encephalopathy, a form of brain damage that occurs because long-term heavy alcohol use inhibits the brain’s ability to absorb thiamine, a vitamin that it needs to function. One-fifth of people who develop this disorder die from it.

Our Delray Beach Alcohol Detox Could Save Your Life

If you think you will develop alcohol withdrawal symptoms when you quit drinking, our Delray Beach alcohol detox could save your life. When you check into our Delray Beach alcohol detox for treatment, you’ll be under the supervision of qualified medical staff that will be able to recognize and immediately treat any potentially fatal symptoms.

If you’re ready to quit drinking for good, call our Delray Beach alcohol detox today at 1-888-415-0708. We can get you treatment you need to start a new life.

How Can I Tell If My Child Needs Anxiety Treatment?

Some amount of anxiety is normal for children and adolescents – they face their own stressful circumstances at school and among friends, and sometimes at home. But if your child or teenager’s anxiety gets out of hand, anxiety treatment could help them cope.

How do you tell if your child’s anxiety needs treatment? Psychiatric symptoms are defined as disordered to the extent that they interfere with normal functioning. If you child or teen is having problems at school or with friends and family because of their anxiety levels, it could be a sign that they need anxiety treatment.

Causes of Teen and Childhood Anxiety

Just like adults, some young people are more prone to and more deeply affected by anxiety than others. There are genetic and environmental factors at play when young people develop the need for anxiety treatment. If one or both parents has an anxiety disorder, or if a sibling has one, it could mean an increased risk for your child. Environmental causes of anxiety include having anxious parents, embarrassing or traumatic experiences, neglect, abuse, speech and language problems, or illness.

Knowing When Your Child Needs Anxiety Treatment

If your child needs anxiety treatment, they may seem distracted, guarded or tense as a result of their anxiety. They may have trouble concentrating or sleeping. They may stop doing things and going to places that they once liked, and may stop spending time with the people they care about. They may eat differently. They may avoid the things that make them nervous or perform repetitive ritualistic actions. They may also experience physical symptoms of anxiety including rapid breathing, racing heartbeat, sweaty palms, trembling, nausea, and crying.

Anxiety treatment can help your child cope with the stresses of life and will help make them less prone to debilitating anxiety in the future. Call us today at 1-888-415-0708 to learn how we can help with your child or teen’s anxiety symptoms.