Get the Personalized Help You Need with Our Delray Beach Addiction Programs

If you’re looking for Delray Beach addiction programs, consider a Delray Therapeutic Model program with us. Here at the Delray Model, we understand that addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You didn’t start abusing substances for no reason. It’s a result of your experiences and can have physiological roots. The psychiatrists and counselors at our Delray Beach addiction programs will help you dig into your emotional past to find the secret, or not-so-secret, causes of your issues with substance abuse and addiction.

The trained professionals who work with our Delray Beach addiction programs also understand that mental illness can be a huge factor in addiction. Are you suffering from untreated anxiety or depression? Could another mental illness, like an eating disorder, be contributing to your struggles with substance abuse? At our Delray Beach addiction programs, you’ll be evaluated by trained addiction specialists who can diagnose and treat these problems. If you’ve been suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness, there’s a good chance that you’ve been using substances as an unhealthy means of coping with your symptoms. You might find that, with treatment, your substance abuse issues will grow much easier to deal with.

What can you expect from our Delray Beach addiction programs? We’ll tailor a treatment plan that’s right for you, based on what you tell us about your mental health, your substance abuse patterns, your emotional past and your home and family life. We encourage most of our clients to undergo both individual and group counseling; one offers insights, while the other offers support and a sense of community. Family counseling can also be a crucial part of our Delray Beach addiction programs. Family counseling helps your loved ones navigate this difficult time, and helps them help you stay strong in your recovery, while repairing the damage your substance abuse issues have done to your relationships.

If you’re struggling with addiction, don’t wait to get help any longer. Call 1-888-415-0708 now to speak with one of our trained addiction specialists about what our Delray Beach addiction programs can do for you.

Beat Anorexia Once and For All with Our Anorexia Treatment Programs in Delray Beach

If you’re looking for anorexia treatment Delray Beach clinics, the Delray Model offers the most cutting-edge techniques for anorexia treatment in the Delray Beach area. Our anorexia treatment Delray Beach clinics offer the best in medical and psychiatric treatment for anorexia. Because anorexia causes its victims to deprive themselves of food to the point of emaciation, it can be a life-threatening disease.

At our anorexia treatment Delray Beach facilities, we’ll start by evaluating your medical condition and prescribing the medications you need to counteract the physical effects of your anorexia. If you need hospital care to reach a safe weight, we’ll make sure you get it. The trained eating disorder treatment specialists at our anorexia treatment Delray Beach facilities have your health and safety as their first priority.

What can you expect from our anorexia treatment Delray Beach programs? You’ll work with a team of specialists including a nutritionist, a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist, and a medical doctor specializing in eating disorders. Your treatment team will come up with an anorexia treatment plan that works to meet your individual needs as a patient. At our anorexia treatment Delray Beach facilities, we recognize that anorexia has its roots in self-image and body image, and can begin even in childhood. If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety or another mental illness that could be making your anorexia symptoms worse, we’ll make sure to prescribe the antidepressant medications you need to get relief from those symptoms.

Psychotherapy is a huge part of our anorexia treatment Delray Beach programs. Individual therapy is important to help you address the often deep-seated emotional issues that lead to the development of eating disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is believed to be particularly effective for correcting disordered eating patterns. Family therapy also plays a role in our anorexia treatment Delray Beach programs. Dysfunctional family relationships are often a significant factor in the development of anorexia; healing those relationships can be a vital force for anorexia recovery, especially in the young. Are you or a loved one struggling with anorexia nervosa? Call the Delray Model at 1-888-415-0708 today to learn how our anorexia treatment programs can turn your life around.

Learn the Secret to Successful Eating Disorder Treatment at Our Delray Beach Clinics

If you or a loved one is suffering from an eating disorder, there’s hope. Eating disorder treatment Delray Beach clinics can help you overcome the disordered thinking that leads to anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and other eating disorders. Eating disorders can be particularly hard to treat, but here at the Delray Model, our eating disorder treatment Delray Beach clinics save lives. We have psychiatric staff specially trained in the treatment of eating disorders, so you can rest assured you’re in the best hands.

Our eating disorder treatment Delray Beach clinics focus on a multi-pronged approach to treating eating disorders.  We use psychotherapy to help the person discover and resolve their often deep-seated emotional issues tied to food, weight, eating and appearance. Our eating disorder treatment Delray Beach clinics also simultaneously strive to encourage a prompt return to healthy eating patterns in each patient, especially in anorexia nervosa patients and others who are in immediate medical danger due to disordered eating.

Preventing relapse is another important aspect we focus on in our eating disorder treatment Delray Beach clinics. Specialized treatment is usually the best approach for eating disorder recovery and relapse prevention. Our eating disorder treatment Delray Beach clinics recognize the value of medical intervention, psychiatric treatment, and the psychological support gleaned from group and family therapy.

The psychiatric and medical staff at our eating disorder treatment Delray Beach clinic evaluates each patient to make sure there aren’t any concurrent mental health issues like anxiety or depression. These conditions are very common in people who have eating disorders. If any concurrent mental disorders are found, we’ll treat them using antidepressants and the latest psychiatric techniques. Antidepressants like fluoxetine have been found to be particularly effective in the treatment of eating disorders like bulimia or binge-eating.

Eating disorders are serious and can be life-threatening if left untreated. If you or someone you care about is struggling with disordered eating, don’t wait until it’s too late. Call 1-888-415-0708 now to find out how the Delray Model eating disorder treatment clinics in Delray Beach can help.

Could Cocaine Detox at Our Delray Beach Treatment Center Help You?

Cocaine addiction is largely psychological, much more so than alcohol or opiate addiction. That doesn’t mean cocaine detox isn’t a vital first step toward recovery from cocaine addiction and a lifetime of sobriety. Our cocaine detox Delray Beach specialists are here to help you get through the unpleasant symptoms of cocaine withdrawal, which can include fatigue, irritability, feelings of suspicion or agitation, anxiety, loss of pleasure and drowsiness. Our cocaine detox Delray Beach clinic will go the extra mile for you, to make sure you don’t relapse into cocaine addiction once you’re clean.

Even though the cocaine addiction is more psychological than physical, that doesn’t mean it’s not as powerful as the physical addiction alcoholics or opiate addicts experience. In fact, the opposite can be true. The addiction specialists at our cocaine detox Delray Beach clinic understand that psychological urges to use drugs persist much longer than physical ones. That’s why it’s important to make sure you received professional help from our cocaine detox Delray Beach clinic. Trying to quit cold turkey at home can leave you without the support system you need to avoid relapse.

Another important part of our cocaine detox Delray Beach clinic is the access to psychotherapeutic support. When you check in to our cocaine detox Delray Beach clinic, our staff will evaluate you for possible concurrent mental health issues. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or another mental health issue, it’s probably making it even more difficult for you to withstand your urges to use. At our cocaine detox Delray Beach clinics, we’ll help you form a treatment plan that includes mental health support.

Cocaine addiction doesn’t have to hold you in thrall for the rest of your life. With a cocaine detox and addiction treatment program, you can recover and go on to lead a normal, healthy life. Call 1-888-415-0708 now to find out how cocaine detox at our Delray Beach facilities can help you.

Spice Addiction Delray Beach Programs Bring a Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

Spice addiction Delray Beach treatment programs are here to help you shake off addiction to Spice, or synthetic marijuana. Spice addiction Delray Beach treatment programs let you get help for your addiction to Spice without leaving the Palm Beach County area. If you’re looking for a place to get away to seek treatment for Spice addiction, Delray Beach addiction treatment facilities are a great alternative. Here in Delray Beach, you’ll be able to get help for your Spice addiction from knowledgeable, caring professionals who will offer you a holistic approach to treatment.

Here at The Delray Model, our trained staff understands that Spice addiction is as grave a matter as any other drug addiction, even if some forms of Spice may still be legal in many states. When it comes to Spice addiction, Delray Beach programs will help you not just get off Spice, but will help you investigate the reasons you feel the need to abuse drugs in the first place. With individual and group counseling for your Spice addiction, Delray Beach addiction treatment programs seek to help you understand yourself and your problems. In your battle with Spice addiction, Delray Beach programs will arm you with new coping and confrontational skills to help you endure the hardships of life without leaning on the crutch of Spice addiction.

Spice addiction is a serious matter. Just like other drugs, Spice can make you into a different person – someone you might not recognize, who might not be much fun, who might shirk responsibilities and neglect relationships. In your struggle against the demons of Spice addiction, Delray Beach addiction therapists are on your side. To learn more about how we at The Delray Model can help you overcome Spice addiction, call 1-888-415-0708 today. We understand what you’re going through, and we’d love to hear from you.

Delray Beach Detox Center Addiction Specialists Are Here to Help

In the war against addiction, detox is just the first battle. You need a skilled team of patient, understanding professionals on your side in order to make your detox and recovery a success. The trained staff at our Delray Beach detox center knows what it takes to get you clean and well on your way to a life of sobriety. Let the doctors, nurses and psychiatric staff at our Delray Beach detox center help you today.

Going through drug or alcohol detox without professional help can be uncomfortable at best and downright dangerous at worst. Don’t try to go through drug or alcohol detox all by yourself. At our Delray Beach detox center, we’ll give you the detox drugs you need to make it through the worst of your withdrawal symptoms. If you need medical supervision to safely go through detox at our Delray Beach detox center, we’ll be ready for that. Our Delray Beach detox center offers rapid drug detox and outpatient drug detox options that fit your budget and your life.

When it comes to addiction recovery, detox is just the beginning. At our Delray Beach detox center, we’ll assess your condition to formulate an addiction treatment plan just for you.  Before you begin any treatment at our Delray Beach detox center, we’ll need to know how deeply rooted your addiction is.

We’ll also need to gain an understanding of your mental health so that you can receive any mental health treatment you may need in addition to addiction recovery treatment. Plenty of people use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate a mental health problem. You might be surprised at how much better you feel with mental health treatment.

Are you ready to turn over a new leaf and start your recovery from addiction? Call 1-888-415-0708 today to speak to a caring professional addiction specialist at our Delray Beach detox center. We’re here to help.