Delray Beach Halfway Houses Create a Solid Foundation for Your Recovery

Delray Beach halfway houses are a great next step after you finish your initial drug or alcohol detox. Halfway houses offer the safety and stability of a drug-free living environment during the earliest, most vulnerable part of your recovery. Delray Beach halfway houses allow you to live out the first months of your new life in a warm southern beach climate, with easy access to public transportation. You’ll find plenty of work, school and housing opportunities in the metropolitan area surrounding Delray Beach halfway houses.

Why are halfway houses important to your recovery? Halfway houses keep you away from the old friends and circumstances that encouraged you to use. They place you under the supervision of compassionate professionals who can help you stay clean by making 12 step programs and other forms of addiction therapy easily available to you. The professionals at Delray Beach halfway houses can ease your transition into regular life after detox by providing the guidance you need to get a job and find an apartment to live in after your time at the halfway house comes to an end.

At Delray Beach halfway houses, you’re guaranteed to be protected from temptations to use. You won’t have to be around anyone who is stoned, drunk or high. Delray Beach halfway houses have strict policies against drug use and will evict anyone who is caught using or fails a drug test. If you relapse, halfway house staff can help you re-enter drug or alcohol detox. They can be your safety net, to keep you from spiraling back into addiction.

Addiction recovery experts recommend you choose one of the many Delray Beach halfway houses that strive for a single-sex environment. When you’re living with members of the opposite sex, flings are tempting. Sexual relationships in the early stages of recovery are ill-advised because they could really throw off your progress.

Delray Beach halfway houses are an excellent choice if you’re coming out of an inpatient drug or alcohol detox clinic. Now that you’re clean, you’ll need to re-acclimate yourself to daily life. A halfway house is the best place to do this, since it gives you the advantage of a secure, supportive base from which to explore your new world.

Undergo Alcoholism Detox, Delray Beach Style

Alcoholism detox is a medically dangerous time. The severe physical symptoms of alcohol detox can include seizures and convulsions. If you’re thinking of undergoing alcoholism detox, Delray Beach detox specialists are here to help. Don’t go it alone. Beating alcoholism takes more than sheer willpower or even a 12-step program. Dry out safely with medically supervised alcoholism detox, Delray Beach style.

Most people who go through alcoholism detox need the help of medications to ease their withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms normally set in about five to ten hours after you finish your last drink. Doctors recommend the use of medication to ease withdrawal symptoms for five days to a week after you quit drinking. Alcohol detox in Delray Beach clinics gives you the medical supervision you need to safely detox from alcohol.

Unlike some forms of drug detox, alcohol detox causes physical symptoms that could put your life at risk. The more heavily dependent you are on alcohol, the worse your alcohol detox symptoms will be. Alcohol detox Delray Beach style puts your care in the hands of trained professionals. Whether you choose inpatient or outpatient alcohol detox Delray Beach clinics, health care professionals will keep you under their close supervision.

Even though you’ll be going through medically supervised detox in alcohol detox Delray Beach clinics, you could still experience some of the physical or psychological symptoms of alcohol detox during your detox period. Rest assured that these symptoms are minor compared to what you could be feeling without medication and alcohol detox Delray Beach supervision. Physical detox symptoms include:

  • Sweating

  • Tics in the eyelids

  • Increased heart rate

  • Tremors in the hands

  • Headaches

  • Vomiting and upset stomach

  • Insomnia

  • Reduced appetite

  • Blackouts

  • Fever

  • Convulsions

  • Seizures

  • Delirium tremens (DTs)

  • Feelings of disorientation and agitation

Alcohol detox causes psychological symptoms including mood swings and emotional fragility, irritability, nervousness, anxiety and depression. Once you have overcome the initial withdrawal symptoms, you can begin the work of building a new life for yourself and standing on your own two feet without the crutch of alcohol with alcohol detox Delray Beach clinics.

Delray Beach Therapy Gives You the Long-Term Recovery Support You Need

Delray Beach therapy for addiction seeks to help you understand that your struggle with alcohol and drug addiction isn’t the result of weakness or a lack of willpower. Drug and alcohol detox can be dangerous, and cause physical withdrawal symptoms that leave you tormented. Even worse, the habits of addiction have a way of staying with you, so you have to re-learn how to live your life without the comfort of substances to ease your pain and anxiety. Our Delray Beach therapy programs can help you learn new coping mechanisms and healthy new patterns that will let you change the disordered behaviors you learned while you were using.

While twelve-step programs can be very helpful in addiction recovery, they aren’t for everybody. Some people just don’t like them. Thankfully, twelve-step programs aren’t your only option for addiction recovery. Our Delray Beach therapy for addiction programs offer group and individual therapy sessions to help you cope with your addiction and its causes. Outpatient Delray Beach therapy programs give you the time and space to really delve into your problems and root out the emotional and psychiatric causes of your addiction.

Here at our Delray Beach therapy for addiction clinic, we offer cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapy to teach you healthy ways to face your most difficult emotions and get a handle on destructive behavior patterns. Delray Beach therapy programs offer you the social support of group therapy, but we also offer one-on-one addiction therapy to explore the reasons why you have learned to depend on substances.

The outpatient model of our Delray Beach therapy programs takes into account the fact that most people struggling with addiction need much more psychotherapy than that made available in brief inpatient treatment programs. To truly be effective, psychotherapy needs to be consistent for a period of months or years, and twelve-step programs often don’t offer the access to trained counselors and psychologists that you’ll find at Delray Beach therapy programs.

Delray Beach Psychiatrists Help You Address the Underlying Causes of Your Addiction

The Delray Therapeutic Model puts you in touch with Delray Beach psychiatrists who can help you with your addiction and its unseen causes. Often, psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety and eating disorders contribute to addiction. Substance use, abuse and eventually addiction often appear alongside depression, anxiety and eating disorders as a means of coping and self-medication.

It’s dangerous and ineffective to overlook your underlying psychiatric conditions when addressing your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our Delray Beach psychiatrists focus on helping you overcome your addiction and cope with any depression, anxiety or disordered eating that may be contributing to your problem. Many drug and alcohol addiction therapy programs don’t address psychiatric symptoms that may have contributed to your addiction all along. At the Delray Model, we understand that using therapy to address your psychiatric concerns is an important, even vital, part of the recovery process.
Depression is one of the most common psychiatric illnesses and a huge contributor to addiction. If you’re depressed, you might start using drugs or alcohol for the feelings of happiness they seem to bring. When you’re suffering from depression, you’re at an increased risk for addiction if you seek to relieve your symptoms with addictive substances. The Delray model will treat your addiction and address your depression with the expertise of Delray Beach psychiatrists and antidepressants. Delray Beach psychiatrists begin your treatment with an evaluation to determine if you’re depressed and assess the severity of your symptoms.

Anxiety is another common mental illness that’s often found to contribute to addiction. Unhealthy levels of anxiety are a huge catalyst for substance abuse, addiction and relapse, because for many people, anxiety is too uncomfortable to be borne. Our Delray Beach psychiatrists will combine effective anxiety treatment with addiction treatment for your best possible outcome.

Eating disorders in men and women are associated with body image issues. Addiction to substances that cause weight loss is common. Our special Delray Beach psychiatrists offer programs for eating-disordered addicts led by specialists in disordered eating. Our therapists and Delray Beach psychiatrists will help you deal with the body image issues that may emerge once you stop using substances to control your weight.

Anxiety Treatment in Delray Beach

Anxiety is defined by excessive, uncontrollable and often irrational worry about everyday things that is disproportionate to the actual source of worry, anxiety disorder is a debilitating disorder affecting millions of American adults. However anxiety treatment in Delray Beach offers effective treatment.  Although the average age of onset is uncertain, the median age is approximately 31 years old and most studies find anxiety to be associated with an earlier and more progressive onset rather than other mental disorders.

Identified as the most common cause of disability in the workplace in the United States, anxiety disorder is diagnosed when one worries excessively about a bunch of everyday problems for a minimum of 6 months to a year. People suffering from the disorder are overly worried about commonplace issues ranging from health to money to family to problems at work. Physical symptoms associated with this disorder include fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, difficulty swallowing, Irritability, sweating, and frequent trips to the bathroom.

In cases when people suffering from this disorder are experiencing it at a moderate level, they can function socially and hold down a job but may eventually need anxiety treatment in Delray Beach if it becomes worse. However, those who do not have it under control can have difficulty completing the simplest activity.  Unfortunately, more often than not, other disorders such as depression or substance abuse accompany anxiety disorder.

Thankfully, anxiety disorder is manageable and can be successfully treated through The Delray Therapeutic Model. We have been helping people just like you find anxiety treatment in Delray Beach for a long time. If you would like more information on how we may help you or a loved one, give us a call as soon as possible. You no longer have to live like this, theres a better way.

Finding Outpatient Detox in Delray Beach

Why search any longer for outpatient detox in Delray Beach when we have what you are looking for at The Delray Therapeutic Model. Finding outpatient detox in Delray Beach is possible but let us help you with the research. There are as many varieties and combinations of drugs used as there are drug detox protocols used to treat various drug problems, and not all treatment programs will be best suited for you.

For example; the psychological aspects of addiction, social factors as well as the often complex behavioral issues which tend to be coupled with addiction make personalized treatment a good choice. The first step to outpatient detox in Delray Beach is evaluation, this is where the patient is first tested to see which substances, if any, are currently circulating through the bloodstream as well as the amount. Step two, stabilization, is the stage where the patient is guided through the process of detox.

This can be done with or without medications. Lastly, guiding patient into treatment is when the patient is readied for the actual recovery process.  It’s a great thing knowing that outpatient detox is rapidly increasing in success rates in Delray Beach. The Delray Therapeutic Model has services for the addict searching for a way out, a place to go to in order to become sober.

If you, or someone you know, is dealing with any type of addiction and has decided to get help, contact The Delray Therapeutic Model to find out more about outpatient detox.  You are not alone in your struggle as many people face and fight addiction on a daily basis and you can start feeling better soon.

Halfway Houses in Delray Beach

Attending a halfway house right out of drug treatment is a path many people take to continue their recovery for a little while longer away from old, bad influences. Halfway houses in Delray Beach have been around for years helping thousands of people who have just exited drug treatment. Why would you attend a halfway house after leaving a drug treatment center? One of the best reasons is because if you forgot how to normally function within society, then living at a safe place during your reintegration can strengthen the odds you will not relapse.

The people you live with and the people you meet lends support and knowledge. You will attend 12 step Anonymous meetings during your stay at halfway houses in Delray Beach because it has been proven that these programs work. How do they work to your advantage? They allow you to listen to the experience and hope of others while allowing you to share the struggles of your life. It is good to get these bad experiences off your chest and get it all out in the open. This will make the recovery process easier and allow you to put those bad experiences behind you. The old saying “ you are a product of your environment” holds true to anybody.

Halfway houses in Delray Beach allow that environment that creates the better drug free person, a “product” of the good supportive environment. The Delray Therapeutic Model can help you decide where to go if you are seeking out a halfway house. We help make the recovery process easier by matching you with a facility that meets your needs. To start a new life or continue on with treatment give us a call now.

Outpatient Treatment in Delray Beach

There are many choices that someone can go to for outpatient treatment in Delray Beach if they are looking to free themselves from drug addiction. But how do you know which choice is right for you, especially if you are new to the recovery process and have no experience. Outpatient treatment in Delray Beach is something that should be taken seriously and thought through before you make your choice.

Fortunately The Delray Therapeutic Model can help with this difficult process and eventual decision on a treatment center. Why would you choose to enter outpatient treatment in Delray Beach as opposed to inpatient treatment? There are a couple of reasons for this decision, mostly based on your life at the moment. For one if you support a family and can’t be away from your home then an outpatient treatment center is for you.

You will be able to go home at the end of the day and continue to live your life while learning to apply the wisdom gained at the same time. Another good reason to attend an outpatient facility is if you happen to go to school and cant miss out on furthering your education. A good education is very important on getting ahead in life and will be valued by everyone, especially your new sober self after treatment.

Outpatient treatment in Delray Beach is obtainable and sobriety within reach, all you need to do is want it bad enough and put forth the effort. We can show you the door but you must walk in. To learn more on how The Delray Therapeutic Model can help you call us to receive more information. There is a better way to live life. Do yourself a favor and pick up the phone now.

Addiction Treatment in Delray Beach

Were you aware that addiction treatment in Delray Beach is successful and has helped thousands of addicts through The Delray Therapeutic Model?  If not, continue reading to find out more about as to why addiction treatment in Delray Beach is successful at and how it can work for you. Although drug addiction is a complex illness, it is successfully treatable for the people that seek out treatment.

It is known by intense and unstoppable drug cravings along with the compulsion to seek out the drug even though even though the consequences can ruin their lives and the people that care about them. Addiction is a terrible disease as it affects the whole mind simultaneously and encompases the behaviour and actions of the peson.  Due to the fact that drug abuse and addiction involve so many different dimensions and disrupt so many aspects of one’s life, treatment is not simple and not easily administered.

Addiction treatment in Delray Beach programs are effective and typically incorporate many components, each directed to a particular aspect of the illness as well as its consequences due to continued drug use. Successful addiction treatment must help the individual stop using the drugs, maintain a drug free lifestyle, and go back into society and function as a better person in life and work. Those affected by addiction simply cannot stop using the drugs for a day or even a whole week and be cured of it for good. Many patients require long term care to achieve the ultimate goal of stay off the drug and living a drug free lifestyle.

If you or a loved one is currently struggling with an addiction you need to be aware that successful treatment is possible with our addiction treatment in Delray Beach. The Delray Therapeutic Model can help get you there, just give us a call now.